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Transforming businesses with the power of AI, BI, and Industry 4.0

At Ai inside Private, we offer expert consulting services in business intelligence, machine vision system development, industry 4.0 systems integration, digital transformation strategy, and artificial intelligence and data science. Let us help your business thrive in the digital era.
Our Mission

AI-inside helps businesses develop intelligent solutions using AI, BI, and Industry 4.0 tech. Our experts provide consulting services to startups and large enterprises, bringing expertise in data science and machine learning to every project. We help clients transform their business operations, improve customer experiences, and drive growth in the context of Industry 4.0.

Our Vision

AI-inside aims to be the leading AI, BI, and Industry 4.0 consulting firm. We help businesses unlock the potential of AI and advanced data analytics to drive growth and improve operational efficiency. We invest in new technologies, provide top-notch expertise, foster innovation and collaboration, and make a positive impact on society. We strive to achieve our vision by aligning our values with our goals.

Our Approach

We take a systematic approach at AI-inside to deliver successful AI and data science projects. We analyze client's data and determine the best techniques to use. Our team designs and builds a customized solution using industry best practices and latest tech. We thoroughly test and provide ongoing support, delivering high-quality solutions that add value to clients' businesses.

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Industry 4.0 and Machine Vision

Industry 4.0 & Machine Vision

We develop machine vision systems for manufacturing to improve quality control and increase efficiency. Our solutions include defect detection, measurement, and verification. For example, we have helped several clients in the automotive industry to detect surface defects on car parts, reducing waste and improving production efficiency.

Our machine vision systems are designed and developed for each customer's specific needs.:

  • Quality Control: Inspecting products for defects.

  • Object Recognition: Identifying and locating specific objects on a production line.

  • Assembly Verification: Verifying that components are properly assembled and aligned.

  • Packaging Inspection: Inspecting packaging materials for defects and compliance.

  • Robotics Guidance: Guiding robots in performing manufacturing tasks.

  • Safety Compliance: Monitoring workers and equipment to ensure safety regulations are being followed.

Artificial Intelligence & Optimization

At AI-inside, we offer AI, BI, and data science development and consultancy services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. With our extensive experience and expertise in the field, we have helped clients in various industries, including manufacturing, solve complex problems using AI and BI technologies.

Artificial Intelligence for Cost Optimization

In the manufacturing sector, we have tackled challenges such as optimizing supply chain management, reducing production costs, improving product quality, and enhancing the safety of the workplace. With our AI and BI solutions, we help manufacturing businesses streamline their processes, automate repetitive tasks, and improve decision-making processes.
Our team of experts has experience working with various types of manufacturing systems, including discrete, process, and mixed-mode manufacturing. We have helped clients in the automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods industries to achieve their goals by implementing AI and BI solutions that solve their specific challenges.

Energy Optimization using AI

Energy consumption optimization

At AI-inside, we not only provide advanced analytics and decision-making solutions for energy consumption optimization, but we also take care of the entire process from start to finish. We offer a complete package that includes hardware and software installation, configuration, and customization tailored to each client's needs.

Our energy monitoring system utilizes wireless technology to collect real-time data, which is then processed through our personalized software that can run locally or on the cloud.

We understand that data security is a top priority, especially for our clients in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, our software is designed with a focus on data protection and security. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure our clients have a reliable and efficient energy consumption optimization system.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in solving various energy consumption optimization problems for different industries using AI and BI technologies. By leveraging our expertise, businesses can reduce energy costs, improve sustainability, and achieve operational efficiency.

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